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About Us

KidELearn is an emerging ed-tech organization on a mission. Our goal is to create a hassle-free and enjoyable learning experience for both parents and children. With a seamless combination of online and offline education, we strive to make learning accessible, anytime, within the convenience of your home, fostering a lifelong love for knowledge in children.

At KidELearn, we are pioneering an approach which seamlessly blends online and offline education to create powerful and exciting learning experiences.
Kindergarten Classroom

We are currently creating a revolution in home learning for the pilot stages of education. Our learning approach is targeted to upskill children with a blend of traditional and modern teaching methods. KidELearn’s hybrid learning tools take children to a learning space where they not only acquire knowledge but also develop crucial skills like critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity.

~Pateshwar Tripathi

CEO (Kidelearn Education)

Kidelearn is committed to these pillars of high-quality education:
Commitment To Excellence

We are dedicated to creating and delivering learning programs hallmarked by excellence. Our
R&D team creates, curates, and assesses each activity of the learning packs to provide the
best experience possible.

Unwavering Ethics

Our diversified team shares the same values and vision of making learning fun, enriching, and
accessible to all children. Everything we design is backed by research, our understanding of
child development, and successful teaching practices.

Forging Bonds

We strongly believe that for true learning to happen, parental involvement in their child’s growing years is highly significant and irreplaceable. By creating an environment that is both scholastic and exciting, we enable parents and children to learn together and strengthen these bonds.

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